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What We Do:

  • You let us know your site and target keywords in the order form
  • We setup your campaign and confirm back along with a live rank tracking link within 24 hours
  • We continually work on your site to lift your rankings each and every month
  • We’re a proven link building service with years of experience
  • SAFE SEO: We create unique content to distribute onto relevant authority sites

Get started today and see improved results within weeks!

Check out real testimonials from real customers below!

PRO – $247 per month

  • 2 Target Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Report
  • Live Rank Tracking
  • ONLY Quality ‘Content Based’ Links (NO SPAM)


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We Let Our Clients Do The Talking!

If you haven’t done business with us before, please check out some testimonials below from our existing clients to see what they have to say about our guaranteed SEO services…

These testimonials are 100% real – no fakes! 

Posted by kristeena
I got my first report today. I am glad to inform all that Backlinks Booster has done an excellent job. All my keywords have tough competition. After the campaign I have found massive increase in SERP.
KW1: 9 > 4
KW2: 79 > 8
KW3: 31 > 2
Thanks for the really nice work. This service is highly recommended.”

Posted by nnann
“I have ordered two campaigns so far and just received my first report. Backlinks Booster has been helpful and quick to respond. The first campaign was to strengthen my brand keywords and maintain my rank. So far so good. The second campaign isn’t yet complete but one KW has already jumped from NA->#10.Thanks!”

Posted by BlackMetal
“I’ve tried this services many times this year. They offer helpful SEO advice, when most people don’t offer any. As for results, the campaigns always get positive results. Unlike a lot of people who say they offer guarantees, but give you worthless junk then make it impossible to get any refund, this lot stick to their word and easy to work with.”

Posted by Kragsig
“I have used Backlinks Booster services several times now. All times with great results.
The results are not made over night, but the new rankings they make stays lot’s longer than most services. I don’t know how they do it, but their secret recipe is working! I can higly recommend this service for everyone.” 

Posted by adammaxum
“Backlinks Booster did a great job, and I recommend their packages to anyone interested in raising their ranks. I had him take a youtube video and within a couple weeks it has moved all the way to the 1st page of google. I can’t ask for much better than that. I will definitely be using their SEO services again soon!! Thanks!”

Posted by Mystery Man
“Backlinks Booster are very easy to deal with and open and honest, which is what you need with a link builder. They do the menial link building stuff which as webmasters we don’t always want or have time to do – yet these seem to have had a very positive impact on our results. I have looked in Google Webmaster Tools and these are not crappy, irrelevant forum links he is building, but decent, solid web properties. Does he get me to the number #1 spot ALL the time? No, but results have ALWAYS improved dramatically from sometimes literally ‘nowhere’ to at least page 2 or 3, and often on page 1″

Posted by camkid
“I don’t normally leave reviews, but I just had my second campaign completed by Backlinks Booster, and they have delivered the goods again. On page #1 of Google within three weeks! They’re real professionals. Try them out. You won’t be disappointed.”

Posted by lakiwi
“From nothing to #1!!! Gotta love it. Cheers!”

Posted by moneyglue
“I’m very impressed with this service. Most of the keywords substantially increased but most surprisingly, they got a competitive keyword to No 1! My first ever No 1 ranking, which saw my adsense earnings jump. Very happy and ordering again now.”

Posted by theheaddoc
“This is a fantastic piece of work. Thank you very much. Achieved absolutely brilliant results…I didn’t even do the on-page changes they asked me to do!”

Posted by turkeyhunter
“I usually don’t write reviews, but after using this service, I could not be more happy. *I launched five projects with Backlinks Booster and 5/5 saw significant first page results. *More to the point though, some of the keywords were easy, but others were not so easy. *On all of them I saw improvement. *I will be using again.”

Posted by skatir
“This is my second order this month. Enough said! I see great value in return for your service and saw increase from position 71 few weeks ago, i went to position 17 in my ranking on very competitive keywords.”

Posted by Kragsig
“Super Service – Great Results”

Posted by GoodnightSweetRatRace
“One of the best SEO Investments I’ve made in IM. My money keyword went from Ranked #5 to Ranked #2 in a few weeks. Plus a couple of related keywords made the top 5 positions. This has nearly quadrupled my traffic, which in turn hasquadrupled my sales. Really, really happy and I highly recommend this service! :-)”

Posted by BlackMetal
“Made my first order a week ago (with bulk package) already noticing some improvement (and finding new backlinks on Google). Not finished yet, but just ordered another bulk package, as I’m confident I’ll get results.”

Posted by da11
“I just finished my first campaign with Backlinks Booster. In less than 4 weeks they got me to #3 on the first page of google for my main keyword. What I am more impressed with though is their willingness to help with the on page optimization. They were very patient and helpful in getting everything right on my website. I just placed another order for a different website. Thanks for everything!”

Posted by arissa
“I saw greate improvment .. No 5 for main KW & No6 for second KW .. both in first page!”

Posted by KevinK3
“My site was teetering between #9 on the first page and #11 on the second page before i ordered. i received my report and it was ranked #2 yesterday (within a week). i checked it today and now it’s #1. crazy stuff. i know when i read reviews like this sometimes it seems like its too good to be true but what he did works, plain and simple.”

Posted by BigRog
“It has been 12 days since I placed my order. I am happy to report my site has moved to page one and has even moved almost to the top in a few search engines. This before I have even implemented the suggestions I was given from them. I will most definitely be using this service again for other sites. Fantastic communication along with an honest assessment has made this guaranteed seo service top notch in my book.”

Posted by mesmerist
“Hey, my page now is on #6 as promised by you and in less than a month! Well done my friend! You’re now in my list of effective SEO and will contact you for all future projects!”

Posted by GettingBetterAtIt
“I ordered last week and it moved my page from #19 to #2 not only for my keyword but 2 other derivatives as well :-) The real test is to see if the new ranking produces traffic. I suspect I’ll be ordering a few more in the near future.”

Posted by freeabs
“Backlinks Booster are the real deal. Got my stubborn site that was ranked on page 2 for a long time to page one now and still climbing. There are many who promises results but don’t deliver but with this service you can be assured of a job well done. Will work with them on more sites… Thks again.”

Posted by Jerry Tellier
“Here’s my review of these guaranteed seo services: I purchased 4 Packages exactly 10 days ago. The 4 main KW’s I used were sitting in the following position prior to the orders and here they are less then 10 days later:
KW#1 – 28 now 16
KW#2 – 466 now 251
KW#3 – 18 now 7
KW#4 – 434 now 6
The secondary KW’s for each package also made similar improvements. These are not difficult KW’s but at the same time they are not easy ones either. I am very pleased with the movement that has happened with them in such a short period of time. Definitely one of the better seo service available. cheers”

Posted by T-shirtman
“Just got my report and my keyword has gone from #24 to #19! This is really good i think :-D”

Posted by Neville Pettersson
“Up from #11 to #6. Thanks.”

Posted by SirBucksAlot
“OK, I did the bulk package about two weeks ago. I was going to leave feedback after 30 days, but why wait when I’m already getting great results? I will definitely be back before the prices go up! Thanks again guys!”

Posted by headiez247
“This lot are good. Very good! Very professional, quick responses in clear english, and very helpful. They look at each site and offer suggestions if you are lacking in certain areas. I saw improvements in areas that I didn’t expect improvement in. Very impressive results. Will use their service again for sure.”

Posted by BigRog
“I placed my order and was sent a very quick reply that my keywords had no hope. Instead of taking my money and blowing smoke up my a** Pete took the time to explain the problem and gave me a chance to make adjustments instead of wasting my $$$. I am not an SEO professional by any means and I found the honesty very refreshing and I’m a big fan of that.”

Posted by theebookcavern
“I would just like to provide a glowing recommendation for backlinks booster. I contacted them a few days ago with a query regarding 1 of his seo services. They responded very quickly with a detailed 600+ word response. In this response they actually advised me not to purchase their service right away but instead spend time implementing some of the free excellent advice which they gave. I then responded with another query and they got back to me with another detailed response. If BB offers this kind of service to non-paying customers then you are in very safe hands. Absolutely top seo company.”

Posted by boatdrinks
“Got my report today and pretty comprehensive with a detailed and thoughtful email accompanied it. Customer service and honest replies to emails shine through. Also I received a pre-linking welcome email and SEO advisory report which was most welcome. For the price and the quality of responses alone, highly recommended :-)”

Posted by footballbob06
“I just wanted to leave a quick review. Backlinksbooster did a great job
keyword 1 447 ->23
keyword 2 249 ->42
Thanks for the great service and great work.”


Now let us do the same for YOU!

We Will Improve The Ranking Of Your Website Within 30 Days Or Your Money Back! Guaranteed!

Dear fellow Internet Marketer,

The very fact you are on this website and have bothered to keep reading to this point tells me THREE very important things about you;

  1. You understand the importance of organic results
  2. You understand how hard it is to do safe & effective SEO yourself
  3. You are serious about being successful online

Your website was probably affected by the latest Google Penguin update, which has understandably shaken you up.  You want to get back on top, but you’re a bit nervous about link building – and who would blame you? But the fact is you know that the right type of high quality links are still essential for online success.

Let’s be honest, keeping up with all the latest Google updates and changes is a royal pain in the butt, and building high quality 100% Penguin safe ‘white hat’ links is boring and very time consuming, but you also know it must be done if you want more traffic and more money!

That’s where we come in.

We decided that the ONLY way to prove to people that we are doing it the right way is to put our money where our mouth is, so we offer a full money-back guarantee with our SEO services.

But let’s get serious here, don’t expect us to do this for a website you created only last week with two pages of content and expect to be on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘golf’ (don’t laugh, because we’ve been asked!).

We offer our money-back guarantee only for websites that meet the following minimum requirements;

  • At least 6 months old
  • Have a minimum 10 pages of original quality content (not including ‘about us’ etc.)
  • No spam, duplicated or spun content
  • Good on-page optimization (we will make recommendations if required)

If your website meets these requirements, and we don’t get improve the ranking of your website in Google within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

Actually, because we can’t stand losing, if your website doesn’t get an improvement in ranking within 30 days, we’ll start another SEO campaign for you absolutely free of charge.

And if your website still doesn’t get a higher ranking after that, then we’ll admit defeat and give you your money back – It very rarely happens to be totally honest with you (as our testimonials clearly show), but we know when we’re licked.

If your website doesn’t meet these requirements, the chances are we can still help you get  a higher ranking, but we cannot offer a guarantee. If we can’t help you at all, we’ll let you know in advance and refund you immediately, along with some recommendations for improving your website and improving your chance of success.

We like to think our guarantee speaks for itself. If we don’t get the results you want, we don’t get paid.

Sound fair?

Rest assured we don’t create thousands of spam links or buy links from Blog networks which will get you into trouble with Google. We ONLY create a selection of 100% safe high quality links on high PR aged domains that Google absolutely love and are guaranteed to get results.

All you have to do is tell us the web page and keyword you want to rank for and we’ll do the rest. We’ll review and analyse your web page and offer any recommendations for on-page optimization that needs to be completed to qualify for our money-back guarantee.

We’ll let you know once we’re ready to start your campaign, and we will send you a ranking report when the campaign is completed.

Our clients websites are currently benefiting from the the latest Panda and Penguin updates, and going from strength to strength as our SEO services comply with Google guidelines and are 100% White Hat.

So you’re now probably thinking our guaranteed SEO services are going to cost you an arm and a leg and be way outside of your budget. I know other SEO companies are charging thousands of dollars for similar services, but without any kind of guarantee, but we have worked really hard to keep the costs down for you without sacrificing the quality.

Only $199 for one campaign
(1 keyword per campaign)

Buy Our Guaranteed SEO Services

Once you have ordered, we will contact you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) with a simple form to complete and send back to us. IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: The form will be sent to your Paypal registered email address, so please check it for our email and also check your Spam folder. Contact us if you haven’t received the email within 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact me using the ‘Contact’ page if you want to have a chat about anything or have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

To your success.


Peter Skuse
Backlinks Booster

Here’s some more comments from a few more satisfied clients (I’m sure you’d rather hear from more real people who have used our service);

Posted by Young Samurai
“It’s been a month since my campaign began. I ordered the package in an attempt to rescue a review site which had been devastated by Panda. Not only has my chosen keywords jumped in the serps, for example my main keyword has risen from page 63 to page 2, but the entire site’s serp performance has improved. From the outer limits about a dozen keywords are now back on page 1. :-) Is it necessary for me to say it? I’m very happy with the service Backlinks Booster has provided. Thanks.”

Posted by racerke
“Great seo company, the process went very professionally and they were very patient about everything (I’m a newbie). My main keyword moved from not being found in the SERP’s at all to 10th place now.
Greatly recommended!”

Posted by Mach1Marketing
“Got my keyword to first page!”

Posted by arissa
“Today I was sent the final report of the work. In the report was stated my ranking moved from 16 to 7 (which is good) but has since moved to rank 5 (which is very cool). This the best backlink service I have ever tried and I will order again soon.”

Posted by abbadox
“This service is great for stubborn sites. If you have a site that seems stuck and does not want to budge then give this a try, I tested this service out and provided three keywords, all three keywords are now on the first page. One of the three keywords is a very competitive high paying phrase that I have been working on for almost a year now. BB were able to improve the ranking for all three keywords. Keep in mind for those of you that are newer to SEO it is much harder to move a site from say position #6 to position #2 then it is to go from page 80 to page 20. I have already a placed a bigger order for all my sites and suggest you do the same. Thanks for the great job.”

Posted by micol
“This is the REAL DEAL!! I bought two services for a keyword which was already at #10 in a tough market against established, big companies. Within 30 days I moved to #6!! This is HUGE value folks!”

Posted by fashion78
“I would like to leave a stellar review for backlinksbooster. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone! The customer service they provides is excellent and second to none. All my emails were responded to in a timely manner and all my questions and concerns were addressed. They also gave me a detailed plan of the items I needed to tweak for my website. I am definitely signing up for their monthly service to keep my site on the first page of Google. This is one of the few seo services that actually delivers what it says it will do!!”

Posted by GettingBetterAtIt
“I just wanted to drop a note about the great customer service they provide. After purchasing a package or two that boosted my site (thank you very much) they have made themselves available for seemingly endless questions I had about my next two projects. Not only do they provide solid advice around keyword/domain name selection but also writes a short book on why. I’m looking forward to watching these two new sites also rising to the top.”

Posted by iamx
“I was a bit worried about this purchase because my site didnt have some of the requirements for the money-back guarantee. It’s been almost 2 weeks and my main keyword that was dancing around for months in the 30′s – 40s landed on the first page today! My other sites are only about 2-weeks old and they told me to build more content before ordering. It’s not often you get a SEO company turn down business, but these guys are different…They’re honest! I’ll be back.”

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